A Note from the Director

Recently I received a present that I will always treasure. With calloused hands, a dear man who is homeless gave me a salvaged, plastic sign. He said we should post it at Grace in Action because it explained what we do. On it were written the words “spirit, body and soul spa. I met this man several years ago, and he was often inebriated. Since then he has curbed his drinking, attends Bible studies at Grace in Action and shares his faith with other homeless individuals. As we continue to walk patiently beside him, we pray that a path will become clear for him to leave homelessness. God calls all of us at Grace in Action to provide a place for the weary to come for rest and respite.

What a joy it is to partner with you in ministry! Since my arrival in Davis in 1976 to attend UCD, God has been molding and shaping me, but I could not have envisioned where He would lead me as I sought His will for my life. I prayerfully asked God for wisdom, and He made it clear that I needed to humble myself to do what others might be unwilling to do. Cleaning toilets at Grace House was the message I received. I thought, “Really, Lord? You want me to clean toilets for homeless folks?” I called the phone number for Grace in Action and volunteered. I did clean the toilet, but it wasn’t long before I was shadowing the director, Cindy Burger, to allow her more time to assist individuals. When she had a day off, I would fill in for her. When she retired I took over as the Interim Director and then accepted the position of Director. I feel blessed to be part of the Lord’s work through this ministry.

There are life changes occurring at Grace in Action. God is “doing a new thing” in the lives of many people. It is through caring relationships that we see these changes. Guests at Grace in Action know they can come to us for much more than food in their stomachs. Besides a welcoming place, they are given loving care, hope, conversation, prayer, encouragement and Bible study if they desire.

Recently I met with a man, a truck driver by trade, who shared some of his life story with me. When he had a minor stroke, he lost his job and eventually his house. He was in great despair and could not believe he was homeless. It took several weeks before he could take any steps to get back on his feet. Now he is temporarily housed, doing volunteer work and has begun working part time in a local store. Recently I noticed he was quieter than usual and wasn’t eating. I asked how he was doing, and he shared that he had an abscessed tooth. His jaw was obviously swollen, and he was in terrible pain. The next morning I helped him get dental care. After the appointment, he expressed concern about how he would pay for antibiotics, and I assured him that Grace in Action would assist him. He is incredibly grateful for the assistance and acceptance he receives.

Another child of God who is part of the Grace in Action family spent all winter sleeping in her car. She did not qualify for any shelter options because she had a small dog. She had lost her job and faced mental health challenges. We loved, assisted and encouraged her through some rough times. Recently we shared hugs and tears when she announced she would finally have a home. God is blessing all of us!

While some of us are in direct service with our homeless guests, individuals and church partners also support us through prayer, providing lunches, in-kind donations and financial gifts. Each contribution is important to sustain this ministry. Whatever you are able to provide, I want to offer a heartfelt, “Thank you.” I love partnering with God and you to nourish spirits, bodies and souls!

Mary Lou Rossetto

Director, Grace in Action


Unless a Grain of Wheat

I tell you the truth, unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. John 12:24

Dear Friends,

I have been deeply honored to serve God and our homeless community for the past twelve years through the work and ministry of Grace in Action. It would take volumes of books to express the lessons I’ve learned, the love I’ve received and the amazing stories of grace that God has shared with me through the life experiences of our beloved homeless friends.

After much prayer and discernment, I have decided to resign as Director of Grace in Action at the end of this month. The heart and passion of Grace in Action is to follow God and to share God’s grace with those who are most in need of it…those who are feeling hopeless and lost and struggling to survive. Because God has planted that passion, I know the Board of Directors will select leadership that continues to offer the shelter of God’s hope and love in our homeless community.

John 12:24 expresses where God is calling me now. It also, speaks to where I believe God is moving this ministry. In context, verse 23 says, The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. It is time for the work and mission of Grace in Action to shine even more for the glory of God! It is time again for new growth, for the production of many seeds.

Our recent transition has prepared the ground for new growth. It has also provided an opportunity for me to step aside to make room for new leadership. I have known since the beginning of this ministry in December 2000, that God had me here for a purpose and yet, only for a season. I have felt much peace in God’s new direction, although the specifics and details of my life are yet unknown. As I have prayed and tried to listen carefully to God’s call, Ecclesiastes 3 has been in my heart and spirit in recent months.

There is time for everything and season for every activity under heaven: A time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and time to uproot.

God is calling me to a place of rest and renewal. It has been a rewarding twelve years, but also long and sometimes painful. There were times when I was more than ready to wave the white flag and tell God I was done, but God said “Not yet!” Today though, as God has created new opportunities for this ministry and our guests, He has encouraged me to slow down. Today our Gracious Creator has prepared new ground for the growth of many seeds and it’s time for me to rest and watch them grow.

Our Board of Directors are amazingly faithful individuals who have a true heart for God and the ability to make wise choices through spiritual discernment. They have stood firm in their faith and service and are prepared to find God’s BEST in new leadership for Grace in Action. I’m excited to see where God takes this ministry next!

John 12:26 says,

Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me.

It is my deepest desire to follow our Lord and today He is saying, “Follow me.” I don’t know where I will end up exactly, but I know His voice. I know He has blessed me with twelve wonderful years of ministry and I know He now wants to restore, refresh and renew His servant.

Thank you for your faithful support of this ministry over the past twelve years and for your continued support in the years to come.



Leaving Our Comfort Zone

A favorite pair of old tennis shoes, a well worn stuffed chair in front of the TV, or that old baseball cap that has seen better days. All of these things are old and comfortable! But in the Christian life, God often asks us to leave our comfort zones. God calls us to be open to the new thing He is doing.

Remaining “comfortable” and growing in the Spirit, don’t always go together. Spiritual growth calls each of us to let go of the old and open ourselves to the new thing that God is doing. Staying the way we are, not risking the courageous step of healing, can be much more comfortable!

When Jesus learned of the man who had been an invalid for 38 years, (see John 5) he asked him, “Do you want to get well?” The response from the man was “I have no one to help me into the pool when the water is stirred. While I am trying to get in, someone else goes down ahead of me.” Then Jesus said to him, “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.”

Many guests have come through the doors of Grace House and we are grateful to DCC for that place of hospitality since 2004. Today though, God is again doing something new in the ministry of Grace in Action! New doors are opening as partner churches help fulfill the mission that we have been working toward for the past three years. We are excited about expanded partner collaboration and faithfully carrying out God’s call to better equip the churches to serve the poor and marginalized in our community.

As Grace in Action endeavors to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, we are once again asking, “Where is God already at work in this ministry, and how can we join God there? (See Experiencing God by Blackaby and King. )

More of our guests are seeking individual assistance in order to leave their homeless way of life. Former guests who are now housed, want fellowship time and Bible Study offered in their own neighborhoods. In other words, they are saying that they WANT to pick up their mat and walk! Yes, there are still those who are comfortable remaining homeless. Some of them have no interest in leaving their comfort zone. “The old way is just fine,” they say.

I believe that Jesus could have healed the man by the pool without asking him if he wanted to get well. But He asked the question anyway. I believe he asked the question because Jesus needed to know that the man was “invested” in his own healing! Jesus needed to know that he really wanted to get well, to change his life, to turn around and go a new direction (repent) in order to become free from bondage.

Now is the time to let go of the comfortable and make room for the NEW thing that God has prepared for His Beloved Children. Our new program schedule is that new thing!  I encourage you to check our website on a regular basis for updates and read New News in the sidebar of this newsletter for more details. Please note that spiritual direction, guest services, and snacks will continue to be available to our guests.

God is on the move and since we seek to follow Him, so is the ministry of Grace in Action! Praise God! We value your ongoing support and prayers as we move into new territory.

With gratitude for your prayers and support,

Cindy Burger

Program and Spiritual Director

Growing Hope

Dear Friends,


Quietly and reverently, a former marine struggling with homelessness has planted a variety of cactus plants in pots in the back yard of Grace House. I don’t suppose there was any way for him to know that beneath the cold, damp soil of his newly planted cactus, a daffodil was growing.

One day as I was cleaning the memorial bricks with printed names now faded with passing time, I saw it! There in the middle of the cactus grew a daffodil! God spoke to my heart in that image. The hard and sharp beside the beautiful…the prickly and painful right there next to the soft and vulnerable. The image of those two plants growing together toward the light reminded me of our homeless guests who come to Grace House for spiritual companionship, rest and respite, and compassionate care. God’s message of hope was clear. No matter how difficult or painful this life may be, there is always new life and hope!

The reminder of hope comes to our guests through the smile on Karen’s face as she greets them and lovingly cuts their hair. The reminder of hope is in every donated sandwich and cup of coffee served on a cold and blustery day. The possibility of new life and hope is celebrated each month as we recognize their birthdays with cards, and a birthday cake baked and decorated by the Random Acts of Kindness Club at Davis High School.

Our guests are reminded of hope when they experience a sense of advocacy and support from Northern California Legal Aid attorneys. Hope grows as their wounds, both emotional and physical, are soothed by the counseling intern Karen from CommuniCare, and our volunteer nurse Karla from St. James Church. And each Wednesday Minister of Hospitality Hazel shares hope during fellowship time. New life is made tangible through sacred communion served on the third Wednesday of each month by Rev. Scott Wieking from First Baptist Church. Each day our guests are welcomed and gathered in with love and care by Mary Lou, our volunteer Compassion Minister, and the faithful Ministers of Hospitality from various congregations.

No matter how many times our guests may bump against the sharp edges of the pain and struggle of homelessness, the beauty of God’s shelter of hope and love is very much alive and growing here! Your prayers, support, and participation in God’s ministry through Grace in Action…..GROWS HOPE! For that, we are immensely grateful!

On behalf of our homeless guests, our Ministers of Hospitality, many dedicated volunteers and the Grace in Action Board of Directors, I humbly thank you for your support.

Cindy Burger

Program and Spiritual Director

More than Bread

I pray you are blessed and warm as you gather with family and friends this Christmas Season. I also pray you will take a moment to consider those who are homeless, cold and hungry.

Grace in Action is a faith based community ministry offering spiritual companionship, rest and respite and helping referrals to our homeless guests. We offer both physical food and spiritual food to those who are hungry in Yolo County. Our “ministry of presence” offers our homeless guests the bread that feeds the spirit. More than anything else, our guests are hungry for love, compassion, and acceptance.

This hunger was most evident to me on one of our recent outreach days. In addition to our open days at Grace House, we provide outreach on Tuesdays to homeless guests who may not be able to access our resources. One Tuesday, I came upon a homeless man who seemed beaten down by weather and hard times. As I approached him, I took his hands in mine and warmly greeted him. I was surprised by his response. He seemed to gasp as he said, “Oh!” and started to pull away from me. It wasn’t until later that I discovered the reason for his behavior.

The shelter staff member partnering with me that day informed me the man had a contagious skin disorder. Suddenly I realized why he had been so startled when I took his hands in mine. He had not been greeted warmly like that in a very long time! It was then that I recalled the story of Jesus touching the leper as he heard the echo of voices around Him, “Unclean! Unclean!” By God’s amazing grace, I was not worried or concerned in any way after I greeted this man. Instead, I felt the deep longing of a man who hungered for the kind of bread Jesus spoke of.

My homeless friend wasn’t hungry for turkey or dressing or warm pumpkin pie. No, he was hungry for love, acceptance and compassion. He was hungry for the kind of bread Jesus instructed His disciples to serve on that crowded hillside when He said, “YOU give them something to eat.” I believe Jesus was telling His disciples to feed the hungry crowd more than bread. Jesus wanted them to be fed by Love.

My visit with this homeless man reminded me how often our guests are called “unclean” as they are shunned and ignored by society. Today, just as long ago on that crowded hillside, many are gathered around us who are hungry for more than bread.

Yes, Grace in Action provides our homeless guests with physical food prepared and served by faithful volunteers. But we feed them more. We remind them they are loved. We touch and greet the people society considers unclean. We welcome those struggling with the disease of addiction, we lift up the discouraged and downhearted and we gather the weary into a warm place of rest…and together, we feast at the table of God’s Love.

We are grateful for your prayers, partnership and support of the ministry of Grace in Action.

The Brick Bearer

I’m not really sure how the tradition began. Painting, decorating, choosing the right word and ultimately placing the finished brick beneath our Memorial Tree in the back yard of Grace House. For several years now, we have painted a brick for each of our homeless guests who have died.

Perhaps this “brick” tradition began with one of the guests I had known since before this ministry began ten years ago. She had a heart of gold and a sailor’s mouth. She was well loved in spite of her sometimes off-color comments. Perhaps it was my own desire of having this beloved guest be remembered that prompted me to place a brick under the tree for her. She had adult children, yet none of them wanted to acknowledge their mother had been a life-long alcoholic who ended up homeless and on the streets because of her disease. Placing a brick beneath our tree was a simple act of leaving something in her memory to help her friends know that God loves her and that we love each homeless guest at Grace House. I really don’t know how this tradition began for sure. Maybe the tradition began simply because of the bricks themselves.

One day, I noticed a stack of forgotten and abandoned bricks beside a wall of a church. The bricks had been sweetly decorated by children attending a Vacation Bible School. Many of the bricks were covered in dust from the various storms that had buffeted them over several months. Finally, I asked permission to take the bricks to Grace House as I explained to the pastor and Children’s Director that I had found a new use for them. Today, the children’s bricks surround the outer edge of our recently expanded brick patio in the back yard.

The bricks were decorated with hearts and crosses and words like “hope” and “faith” and “kindness.” In fact, if I recall, one of the children’s bricks placed beneath the Memorial Tree was the brick labeled, “kindness.” That’s the word most of our guests said “reminded” them of another guest and friend who had fallen and struck his head and eventually died from that traumatic accident.

Collecting the forgotten bricks is probably a pretty good description of what it’s like to be a missionary to homeless individuals in our community. Grace in Action welcomes the forgotten and abandoned homeless individuals of our community and invites them in. We remain present to them, no matter how covered in dust or grime or guilt and shame…and we remind them that God loves them and has a purpose for them. We remind them that God sees their unique beauty and has a special place for them in this world and in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Sadly, we have lost far too many of our homeless guests in recent months. The sheer numbers of guests who have died struck me when I could no longer find an extra brick from the patio to use for a recent memorial service. Our homeless guests were dying too fast and we had run out of bricks! In the past month, as I went to Home Depot I silently prayed, “Lord, please don’t let the salesperson ask me what I intend to do with just these three or four bricks.” I knew I would break down and cry if I had to explain the purpose.

A missionary’s work is not always happy work. Sometimes God calls us to do things we never wanted to do, but God continues to equip ALL of us to remain faithful to the call in this “ministry of presence” through God’s grace alone.

God equipped us to be present to our guests in the moments after the shock and despair of witnessing one of their friends run over by an Amtrak train. God held me, as I held another guest in my arms and lifted him up in his hospital bed the day before he died when his failing liver and resulting bloated body was suffocating him. And then there was the death of another guest who had desperately tried to leave homelessness. He was not eligible for the shelter while under the influence of alcohol, and he was trying to detox on his own. He died of an alcoholic seizure. We have no “detox facility” in Yolo County anymore. The County Supervisors didn’t think it was worth it, so they shut the detox center down. It would have been “worth it” in THIS case!

One forgotten and dusty brick, reclaimed from its place in an abandoned stack against a church wall, now bears his name under our Memorial Tree.

If you’ve read this far, you may be asking, “Why am I reading this? I only want to hear GOOD NEWS!” As my Godson would say, “Here’s the Real of It!” Being a Christian, serving in Christ’s Name, isn’t always about pretty cut flowers. It can get tough and messy and sad. Jesus never told His disciples it would be easy.

After the fourth death in just a few months time, I commented to one of our local pastors that I NEVER imagined God would have called me to be facilitating memorial services with such frequency. I lamented that I wasn’t sure I was up to the call. After all, I’m not ordained, or an official minister. He looked at me with such empathy and understanding and said, “In spite of that, you are their Pastor.” I’ve thought long and hard about that pastor’s comment. It feels like I’m a pastor to our homeless guests sometimes perhaps, but I think I’ll just refer to myself as the “Brick Bearer.”

For a brief time on this earth, we had the sacred opportunity to welcome a child of God who may have felt abandoned, beaten down by disease and shattered hope…and for a brief moment in time, they were accepted with God’s Love while they were here. Now…they are remembered. That’s the Good News.

This past week, we lost another wonderful soul, Alan Tobman, (see photo above) one of our long time volunteers. He was my right hand man at Grace House. He never left me alone there and was always confident when I was doubtful. He was always joyful when I was not. Actually, Alan was the one who held the sacred honor of painting our bricks. I painted his brick a few short weeks ago, after he lost his battle with cancer.

Too many bricks, but they hold a purpose. They remind anyone who sees them under our Memorial Tree, that each one of us is God’s beloved and we have not been forgotten. The bricks remind ALL of us that no matter how distant we may feel from God, God is not distant from us. God’s Word reminds us in Isaiah 42:3 A bruised reed he will not break, a smoldering wick he will not snuff out. In faithfulness he will bring forth justice.”

And to the broken and weary who pass through Grace House on their way to Heaven, we say “With this painted brick, we will always love and remember you.”

Cindy – The Brick Bearer


Growing Hope

Hope can be a fragile thing. As we provide hospitality to the poor and marginalized of our community through Grace House, we often hear stories of fragile hope…hope that although still there, is tenuous at best.

Daily, our homeless guests bear the brunt of dehumanizing words when they are referred to as homeless trash, transients, drunks or animals. After the repetition of such ugly descriptors, our guests sadly begin to believe those words define who they really are. Rather than living up to the life-giving potential that God sees in them, they become dehumanized. Many begin to “live down” to the labels that society thrusts upon them. Hope, at such times, can truly be a fragile thing.

How many times have we also found ourselves in a place of fragile hope? Certainly, our hope seems fragile in the midst of a weakened economy, wars in various countries and legislative budget cuts that slash into the very lives of the MOST vulnerable members of our community. Yes, in times like these, hope can be a fragile thing!

Grace in Action offers the shelter of God’s hope and love. The hospitality we offer at Grace House reminds ALL of us that HOPE is still alive and that the Kingdom of God is not far away, or distant…but very, very NEAR! By providing a ministry of presence, we become active participants in Growing Hope in our community. Our hospitality to the stranger in our midst provides the setting for renewed hope as described in Isaiah 43:2.
A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out.

We invite you to help us Grow Hope as we:

  • Equip and assist a 22 year old homeless woman as she learns how to mother her newborn.
  • Encourage our guests who have gone back to school or applied for jobs.
  • Express our gratitude to a former homeless guest who ran for a recent open seat on the city council.
  • Applaud our guests who make the choice to seek sobriety and shelter.
  • Help three young children with their homework as their mother flees domestic violence and seeks a safe shelter for her family.
  • Provide the only bus tickets in town to guests who must travel to Woodland for health care, prescriptions, and much needed social services.
  • Host Soroptimists International as they offer special activities for homeless women.
  • Provide meeting space for Legal Aid assistance for our homeless community members.
  • Visit sick or recovering homeless individuals in the hospital.
  • Visit guests who are in jail.
  • Equip local congregation members to minister to the most vulnerable in our community.

Through all of this and more, together we remind our guests and each other that “Nothing is impossible for God.” We keep the bruised reed from breaking and the flame of the smoldering wick of hope alive!

The Board of Directors, Administrative Volunteers and one staff member of Grace in Action, experience our own sense of fragile hope as we present our “Needs and Blessings” before God, our prayer team, church partners and faithful donors. We have no road map, no solid outline of where our daily bread will come from next. In fact, we often wrestle with the tension between charity and mercy, enabling or equipping, helping or hindering as we minister to homeless individuals. Yet, we strive to walk faithfully in this mission God has called us to, because we have hope!

We have hope in the promise that God will never leave us or forsake us. We have hope in the promise that when we ask in faith for our daily bread, our needs will be met. We have hope for a better world as you join us in Growing Hope in our community. We have hope that sufficient and daily grace will be given to us as we continue to offer the shelter of God’s hope and love to those who need it most.

With deepest gratitude for your prayers, support and participation in the mission of Grace in Action.

Cindy Burger, Spiritual Director