Growing Hope

Dear Friends,


Quietly and reverently, a former marine struggling with homelessness has planted a variety of cactus plants in pots in the back yard of Grace House. I don’t suppose there was any way for him to know that beneath the cold, damp soil of his newly planted cactus, a daffodil was growing.

One day as I was cleaning the memorial bricks with printed names now faded with passing time, I saw it! There in the middle of the cactus grew a daffodil! God spoke to my heart in that image. The hard and sharp beside the beautiful…the prickly and painful right there next to the soft and vulnerable. The image of those two plants growing together toward the light reminded me of our homeless guests who come to Grace House for spiritual companionship, rest and respite, and compassionate care. God’s message of hope was clear. No matter how difficult or painful this life may be, there is always new life and hope!

The reminder of hope comes to our guests through the smile on Karen’s face as she greets them and lovingly cuts their hair. The reminder of hope is in every donated sandwich and cup of coffee served on a cold and blustery day. The possibility of new life and hope is celebrated each month as we recognize their birthdays with cards, and a birthday cake baked and decorated by the Random Acts of Kindness Club at Davis High School.

Our guests are reminded of hope when they experience a sense of advocacy and support from Northern California Legal Aid attorneys. Hope grows as their wounds, both emotional and physical, are soothed by the counseling intern Karen from CommuniCare, and our volunteer nurse Karla from St. James Church. And each Wednesday Minister of Hospitality Hazel shares hope during fellowship time. New life is made tangible through sacred communion served on the third Wednesday of each month by Rev. Scott Wieking from First Baptist Church. Each day our guests are welcomed and gathered in with love and care by Mary Lou, our volunteer Compassion Minister, and the faithful Ministers of Hospitality from various congregations.

No matter how many times our guests may bump against the sharp edges of the pain and struggle of homelessness, the beauty of God’s shelter of hope and love is very much alive and growing here! Your prayers, support, and participation in God’s ministry through Grace in Action…..GROWS HOPE! For that, we are immensely grateful!

On behalf of our homeless guests, our Ministers of Hospitality, many dedicated volunteers and the Grace in Action Board of Directors, I humbly thank you for your support.

Cindy Burger

Program and Spiritual Director

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